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Great Features

Easy to deploy. Our solution leverage on existing IT infrastructure to deliver reasonable indoor localization accuracy.
Improved customer experience. We have developed innovative ways to demonstrated how indoor localization could improve customer experience, like turn-by-turn navigation, personalized events displayed along path etc.
Cloud Technology. All our services could be access through public APIs.

Specific Features


WiFi Fingerprinting
Custom Floor Plan Views
Ambient Signals
See what it can do in action

Accufind IPS Unleashed

Accufind IPS is a Wi-Fi based real-time locating system (RTLS) that locates and tracks mobile devices anywhere inside a building or throughout a campus. Accufind IPS detects smart phones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry), laptops and Wi-Fi tags, enabling location-aware business solutions with room and floor-level accuracy. Read More

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  • man2

    Indoor Location and Positioning technology is the Next Big Thing. It is bringing the power of GPS and Maps indoors. Applications will emerge that target Indoor navigation, Location sharing, Location based games, Shopping list routing, Location based advertising, coupons, offers, Manufacturing, inventory, asset tracking, Workforce tracking, Defense/Intelligence, Police/Fire/First Responders.

    Don Dodge
  • man2

    Since Global Positioning System (GPS) is widely deployed, the market is also quickly extending the requirements for offering Indoor Positioning System (IPS) to provide the positioning solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. Indoor Location and Positioning technology has huge business potentials.

    Albert Ching
  • man3

    At last, a Singapore indoor-positioning solution provider with real differentiators!
    I have been watching the indoor-positioning technology space for a long time, and when Accufind applied for residency in The Furnace I had no hesitation in backing them with a strong recommendation to the selection committee.

  • man3

    Indoor localisation is our recent patented technology.
    The research-industry collaboration would eventually bring technologies to the market and benefit the whole society.


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