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Our Amazing Projects

Great design comes with understanding our clients needs

Accufind Technologies is a Singapore-based technology company developing indoor localization and proximity sensing solutions. Our management team comes from diverse backgrounds, and brings with them valuable research and work experience from various well-established organisations.

Our Vision

To be Asia’s leading company in developing indoor localization technology and providing location-based services.

Our Mission

To bring indoor location-based services to all major buildings and points-of-interest in Singapore.

Find out some of our recent projects below:


Secured identification

We deployed android dongles to identify personnel, without any action from users on their mobile phone.

Way-finding in exhibition

Getting lost in exhibition event? Now, you can rely on your mobile phone to guide you around the exhibition.

Elderly tracking

Knowing where the elderly has been is important in day-care management. Our solution will enable the staffs to track their clients’ real-time location.