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How many times have you parked and forgotten where your vehicle was? Fourth floor? Did I take the lift at Lobby 1 or 2? Was it the red or blue zone? This happens to the best of us: If you suffer from this affliction, you're certainly not alone...we do too. Thus we created Accufind's Find-my-car mobile solution.

How it works:

While parking, a reference point of your location is marked on the car park map through the Accufind Find-my-car mobile app. All you do is indicate when you have parked. As you leave, you wip out your phone and Find-my-car will see that you find your car without guessing.

Try out our demo of Find-my-car:

3 Steps of Parking Management:

carpark location app

Benefits of Accufind Find-my-car Mobile App:

  • Fee calculator could tell you how much you need to pay for the parking fee.
  • Tabulating daily/weekly/monthly parking history. This application could help you to manage all your parking expense efficiently.
  • Available parking lots. We could display how many parking lots are available for each floor. We could even tell drivers where the available lots are in our premium pakage.
  • Mobile payment gateway. This would allow drivers to renew their seasonal parking fee through mobile phone.
  • Find-my-car application. It will indicate where drivers park their car in the carpark and navigate them to find their car.

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