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Memory loss can cause difficulties to care givers. We believe tracking those affected would help them manage better.

Maximize independence by accurately and reliably monitoring the movement of parents, patients or other loved ones afflicted by early onset of Alzheimer’s, dementia or other conditions that can affect memory.
Increasing safety of the elderly by Track the movement of pattern of certain population. Location-based alerting.

How indoor tracking help daycare center to manage their clients.

How it work?

  • Thumb-drive size dongles will be deployed across the building. A typical daycare center with 800 square-meters will require about 10 dongles.
  • Clients will be issued with a coin-size tracker. The tracker could be a name-tag or lanyard or any designs.
  • Center management staffs could view their clients location in real-time through website or mobile app.
  • Hardware cost on dongle and trackers is far lower than RFID based solution; and it could deliver higher location accuracy.

Asset tracking to aid the elderly

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  • man2

    Indoor Location and Positioning technology is the Next Big Thing. It is bringing the power of GPS and Maps indoors. Applications will emerge that target Indoor navigation, Location sharing, Location based games, Shopping list routing, Location based advertising, coupons, offers, Manufacturing, inventory, asset tracking, Workforce tracking, Defense/Intelligence, Police/Fire/First Responders.

    Don Dodge
  • man2

    Since Global Positioning System (GPS) is widely deployed, the market is also quickly extending the requirements for offering Indoor Positioning System (IPS) to provide the positioning solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. Indoor Location and Positioning technology has huge business potentials.

    Albert Ching
  • man3

    Indoor localisation is our recent patented technology.
    The research-industry collaboration would eventually bring technologies to the market and benefit the whole society.


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