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It is hard NOT to get lost in today's exhibitions, like IT show. The venue is too huge for indivuals to navigate.

Almost everyone steps into the event will ask: Where am I? How do I get to booth A1_20064?
Now, Accufind IPS had the answers. We have built a navigation system leveraging on both WIFI and BLE technology to provide accurate indoor localization. User could simply open the maps on our mobile app for iOS and Android shows where your exact location in the exhibition halls.

How indoor way-finding helps IT show visitors find their destinations easily.

3 Steps to enable indoor localization for an event.

carpark location app

Our Amazing Projects

We did a technology showcase in Adobe Symposium 2015. This is a gamified mobile app augmented the conference hall into a treasure hunting island. Participant could collect items hidden inside the hall to redeem award.
Paging for nearest staffs and assets tracking. Our solution could guarantee 3-5 meter accuracy, and systems for paging the closest hospital staffs (like doctors or nurses) can work effectively with that level of accuracy.

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