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Accufind IPS solution allow tracking mobile device across different levels in the buildings. In order to locate mobile devices inside building, building owners need to provide: 
      a. Floor plans for each floor, either JPEG or CAD format.
      b. Collect localization data through a mobile app for each floor.

Depends on building size and its structure; but usually it takes less than a month to implement. To see the whole process of implemenatation, please visit this web page for more detail.

No. Any equipment can be used. We do not install any software on a WiFi AP. These only need to be plugged to an electrical socket and transmit.

It depends on the buildings' network infrastructure. Rule of thumb: the more AP, the better accuracy.We could deliver an accuracy of less than 5m error in 90% cases, as a minimum accuracy. Nevertherless, we could improve the accuracy by simply adding more WiFi or BLE access points. We have proven we could achieve less than 2 meter accuracy with proper APs setup.

Our system will scan all indoor map and localization data regularly; when certain areas' localization data keeps missing, alert will be trigger to our server. Our engineer will inspect those areas.

Customer Support Questions

We have deployed our system in more than ten buildings in National University of Singapore campus. Interested customers are welcome to visit our office building to experience how indoor localization works.
We are also piloting solutions in one day-care center, one public indoor carpark.

For building owners, who want to enable the indoor localization feature in their building. We will charge one-time implmenetation fee. They will be entitled to use their buildings' indoor map and localization life-long.
For application owners, who want to access the indoor map and localization feature for other buildings. We will charge according to usage. Every query to our localization server is considered one usage.

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  • man2

    Indoor Location and Positioning technology is the Next Big Thing. It is bringing the power of GPS and Maps indoors. Applications will emerge that target Indoor navigation, Location sharing, Location based games, Shopping list routing, Location based advertising, coupons, offers, Manufacturing, inventory, asset tracking, Workforce tracking, Defense/Intelligence, Police/Fire/First Responders.

    Don Dodge
  • man2

    Since Global Positioning System (GPS) is widely deployed, the market is also quickly extending the requirements for offering Indoor Positioning System (IPS) to provide the positioning solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. Indoor Location and Positioning technology has huge business potentials.

    Albert Ching
  • man3

    Indoor localisation is our recent patented technology.
    The research-industry collaboration would eventually bring technologies to the market and benefit the whole society.


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