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Accufind IPS was designed to provide a location technology with an accuracy better than one meter, thereby making turn-by-turn direction apps inside a building a reality. An initial site survey builds a database of ambient WiFi or iBeacons signal fingerprints. Mobile apps on iOS and Android can then use our SDK to obtain a high-accuracy location by combining the ambient signal fingerprints with the output of all the sensors.
FINGERPRINTS DATABASE. A site survey or training of the site builds a database of "fingerprints". Fingerprints are collections of radio signal identities and strengths at known locations. Estimating a device's location requires looking up a snapshot of ambient signals taken at the device's current location against the fingerprints database.
TRIANGULATION ALGORITHM. Triangulation is a geographic positioning system for mobile devices that estimates their locations, using Wi-Fi, cellular phone and GPS signals. It works on all networks (GSM, CDMA, 3G) and across all operators throughout the world. Triangulation does not require any site survey in buildings, once it knows the exact location of the signal sources.
MOBILE APP LOCATION. Mobile apps on Android and iOS are compiled with Accufind SDK. Apps take a snapshot of buidlings' wireless signals, and obtain their location either server-side by querying Accufind Localization server or client-side through the SDK, which uses data from the device's sensors. The SDK can deliver 3 -5 meter accuracy.
CONTEXTUAL MESSAGING. Location-based Content Pushing is achieved by interacting people and media with their indoor location. It centres around knowing more about your customers, specifically their current and previous location, to deliver timely and contextually relevant content. With the proliferation of mobile devices, such a capability is ever more important for businesses.
SPATIOTEMPORAL KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY. As more and more apps rely on indoor localization, there will be an exponential increase of data. Our spatial big data analytics engines will provide real-time crowd management and answers to when peak traffic is hit.
CLOUD GIS. Accufind indoor maps are SaaS. Our GIS server normally runs on a public cloud. Any authorized app may query the server through the SDK or its API to obtain buildings' indoor maps.


  • man2

    Indoor Location and Positioning technology is the Next Big Thing. It is bringing the power of GPS and Maps indoors. Applications will emerge that target Indoor navigation, Location sharing, Location based games, Shopping list routing, Location based advertising, coupons, offers, Manufacturing, inventory, asset tracking, Workforce tracking, Defense/Intelligence, Police/Fire/First Responders.

    Don Dodge
  • man2

    Since Global Positioning System (GPS) is widely deployed, the market is also quickly extending the requirements for offering Indoor Positioning System (IPS) to provide the positioning solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. Indoor Location and Positioning technology has huge business potentials.

    Albert Ching
  • man3

    Indoor localisation is our recent patented technology.
    The research-industry collaboration would eventually bring technologies to the market and benefit the whole society.


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